The Accelerator


The people of the Hudson Valley are redefining what it means to be an entrepreneur and bringing manufacturing back to America in a big way. The Accelerator is here to support their success. The Accelerator is a certified New York State business incubator, strategically located in the Mid-Hudson Valley, with a mission to assist manufacturing-based businesses. The Mid-Hudson Valley is a region rich with niche market businesses, artisan production and visionary entrepreneurs. With the trend toward artisan and locally-sourced products showing no signs of slowing, small and start-up companies in the Hudson Valley need support now more than ever to capture this momentum of localism and meet demand through strong workforce development and smart growth strategies.


Hatchet Hurling


A New Generation of Entrepreneur Brings an Innovative Business Concept to Port Jervis

At just 20 years old, Sarah Wilson – a junior at State University of New York Empire State College – might not look like the typical entrepreneur. However, she is blazing a trail for Generation-Z business owners like herself to deliver innovative new concepts and products to the marketplace. Wilson is a co-owner of Vikings Hatchet Hurling, a hatchet hurling range in Port Jervis.


The specific needs, challenges and goals of each company are evaluated on a case by case basis. We understand, as with artisan goods, no two companies are exactly alike, and a unique plan must be developed for each. The Accelerator is here to help support businesses by providing workforce training, mentoring programs, easy access to experienced professionals and a host of other resources.