Alternate E SourceAs technology grows and advances, so does the need for network, security and energy management. Alternate E Source, a client at The Accelerator offering security, efficiency and infrastructure management solutions, seeks to help businesses manage their technological needs and a holistic approach to smart building management and integration.

The team at Alternate E Source boasts decades of experience in technology. The founder, Tanja Lewit, began the company in 2012 after finding success as an establishing member of PC&S, an electrical equipment supplier and manufacturer where she served as principal beginning in 1992. After witnessing the rapid shifts taking place in the tech world, Lewit brought her leadership qualities to an innovative new technological venture.

“(I’m a) bit of a serial entrepreneur,” says Lewit, Managing Director of Alternate E Source. “I started in power measurement back in the early ’90s and at the time it was about providing measuring and monitoring systems with modems and Windows applications… I left in 2012 to basically cross over the threshold to this new realm of technology, which is the network-enabled, mobile-app driven, future of monitoring and measuring.”

Decades ago, businesses had a handful of digital devices on their networks with little need for sophisticated monitoring and integration. Monitoring technology was primarily geared toward maximizing energy efficiency and mitigating costs. Today, it’s a much different story. When it comes to technology, everything from heating and cooling systems to sensitive information is connected to a network, and securing this network is essential. Alternate E Source gives its clients the freedom to manage systems remotely, while ensuring that access is restricted to authorized users only.

“In the world of connectivity, it’s not so much about mitigating costs, it’s about looking at the entire performance overall and how to manage those business processes going forward,” says Lewit. “We went from being a specialist to kind of being that osteopathic doctor… Our very new connected world provides with it a whole host of vulnerabilities that we need to be cognizant about.”

Alternate E Source moved into the Accelerator in March 2018. Currently, the company has a growing team of employees, but Lewit has plans to grow that team in the upcoming year. The team at Alternate E Source cultivates this growth through networking and educational outreach, including numerous speaking engagements. Lewit has been invited to share her insights on smart technologies, internet of things solutions and the future of networking at conferences and conventions across the country, including at the World Energy Engineering Congress. For her and her team, education is a powerful tool for growth.

“Revenue equals growth for us,” says Lewit. “It’s not just working with end clients to deliver project success, it’s also working and growing the business so that we’re actually networking and supporting other businesses to be able to provide these devices and, for us, it’s more important to grow that collaborative network.”

Clients of The Accelerator share a desire to grow their businesses and expand their offerings to meet a changing market. Alternate E Source embraces the transformation of technology and is taking advantage of opportunities to serve the changing needs of its clients. With help from The Accelerator, Lewit and the team at Alternate E Source has been able to leverage resources to reach more clients and optimize its products.

“Understand that the world has shifted along with (new) technology, people want convenience,” says Lewit. “You need to look at providing your product and the information about your product in the most convenient way, and that’s going to be leveraging the internet, leveraging communities where the product is applied or where it’s used and being able to create that expertise in that virtual sense. That’s really where people are going to look for those solutions.”

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