Medical Devices, Software & Personal Products

Medical Devices, Software and Personal Products

Medical Devices, Software and Personal ProductsMedical technology companies in America play an important role in providing patients with quality diagnoses and treatment options. This leads to improved outcomes, lower health care costs and increased economic growth.

Medical technology helped cut the number of days people spend in the hospital by 59% since 1980. It is one of the fastest growing manufacturing industries in the country; providing nearly 2 million high-quality jobs and driving nationwide economic growth.

Approximately 80% of physicians use mobile devices and medical apps, while 25% use them to provide patient care.

Our Middletown location is ideally situated in the central Orange County Rt. 17 medical corridor amidst a dense concentration of medical professional and educational facilities.

Medical Devices, Software & Personal Products

SMARTT POD Advantages

  • Conveniently located in the center of the Hudson Valley with easy access to NYC and the tri-state area
  • Offers the ability to produce pilot-line volume, prove your manufacturing process and ship early volumes
  • Equipment supplied and maintained – it’s all in place and ready to go
  • Operator skills available – a trained workforce is on call to assist you
  • Workshops designed specifically around your business needs
  • Supplies a link to all technical and support services NYC has to offer, including SBDC, NYSTAR-funded University labs and on-site resources
  • Links the TECH CONNECT and entrepreneur community directly to manufacturing production and accelerates the start-up to job creation process