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Newburgh Area Campus

Fashion Design & Production is making a resurgence in the Hudson Valley, and The Accelerator and Orange County IDA is here to support that growing industry. We help makers access the resources they need to help their businesses succeed.

Broadway Newburgh Campus

The City of Newburgh was a fashion manufacturing hub in the 1800 and 1900s. In the latter half of the 1900s, most of the industry production moved overseas. Our initiative is to help revitalize this industry and help support quality domestic artisan fashion manufacturing. The 14,000-square-foot, 80-year-old 605 Newburgh building was home to the former Royal Hair Pin Corporation, Angie’s Clothing, and the Cloak Room store. Both this facility and the 603 Newburgh location next door had been vacant for years. Wishing to revive the facility for a positive purpose, the landlord partnered with The Accelerator to upfit the facility for up and coming fashion-based companies launching this campus in 2018.

603/605 Broadway Circa 1970

New Windsor Campus

The Accelerator worked with the Town of New Windsor to rehabilitate old army barracks on the Stewart Airport property. Launched in 2016, this campus houses fashion manufacturing companies as well as The Accelerator Tukatech pattern-making and laser cutting Labs.

Our fashion technology Tukatech Lab assists by making pattern development and alteration easier by saving more than half the time. Tukatech is one of the fastest internationally growing CAD programs with popularity in the fashion industry. With its main domestic design hubs in New York and Los Angeles, you can have access to this rare technology right here in the Hudson Valley.

Accelerator Advantages

• Business Mentoring

• Workforce Training Support

• Support From Our Team of Scientists, Engineers, and Business Industry Experts

• Help to Access Business Funding (Grants, Loans, Investors)

• Below-Market Occupancy Costs

• Conveniently Located in the Center of the Hudson Valley With Easy Access to Nyc and the Tri-state Area

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