You won’t want to miss The Accelerator’s second annual Women’s Leadership Conference: Leading the Change, where you’ll experience an interactive Keynote presentation on Overcoming Unconscious Bias, and panels covering such topics as Workplace Reinvention, and The Path to Effective, Authentic Leadership. Attendees will gain valuable insight from regional industry professionals and learn how to accept and understand change, use past experiences to propel forward, motivate and mentor to help others to rise to their fullest potential, and nurture an environment that creates success and cooperation.

The Culinary Institute of America, a first class educational facility for culinary professionals, will cater the Networking Expo featuring 30+ regional professional resources from 8:30 a.m. -9:30 a.m. Come join us early for refreshments, learn how these resources can help support your professional and business growth, and enjoy B2B networking!


Keynote Speaker:
Overcoming Unconscious Bias

You may have heard of unconscious bias. But what are some real actions you can take as a
technical or business leader to help overcome your own personal biases, create a culture of inclusion and improve your leadership effectiveness? How do you respond if you feel you have been the subject of unconscious bias? Please join Jennifer Howland (IBM, Executive, Pathways Program for Experienced, Diverse Technical Talent) and have these questions answered in an interactive way from a seasoned technical development executive.

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